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An example library to show how to set up Rust as a Webassembly module.

Building Instructions

To build the library, use the wasm-pack cargo extension. It can be installed with cargo install wasm-pack.

After installing, use wasm-pack build --release --target web to build the artifacts into the pkg directory.

Then, you can use WASM APIs in Javascript to use the library within Javascript. Note that you need the entire pkg/ directory available to your browser to have it function correctly.

<script type="module">
  import init, { roll } from "./pkg/roll_lib.js";
  init().then(() => {

Since WASN files can not generally be loaded from file:// for security reasons, you can use python -m http.server to open a quick localhost server for testing.


There is one function roll(string) -> string. It follows the format given in the README of the caith library. It may return an error or "Invalid format" if something goes wrong.