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# Trees
To change the output of the tree, read the file.
Install one (optional) package: `bs4` (Beautiful Soup 4), with `pip install -r requirements.txt`.
This will make the output "pretty" (i.e. indented).
To print the output to terminal, run `python`
To save to a file, run `python file.html`.

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# used if you want to add links to the tree, or a node in the tree
ID = "t0"
# example of tree (commented out)
tree = [
("root", [
("child", [
"grandchild", "grandchild"
("child", []),
# every node is written ("value", [])
# the list inside contains all children of that node
# a string can also be used (i.e. "grandchildren"), but it can have no children
# the tree you want converted to HTML, here:
tree = [
("root value", [])

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