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3 years ago
gid = "g12"
graph = {
"a": ["b"],
"b": ["a", "c"],
"c": ["b", "d", "e", "s"],
"d": ["c", "s"],
"e": ["c", "g"],
"f": ["h"],
"g": ["e", "h", "t"],
"h": ["f", "g", "t"],
"s": ["c", "d"],
"t": ["g", "h"],
for node,vertexes in graph.items():
print("<span id=\"{0}-{1}\">{1}</span>|{2}".format(gid, node, ",".join(["<a href=\"#{1}-{0}\">{0}</a>".format(v, gid) for v in vertexes])))