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• PPTX sucks
• LATEX sucks
• PDF sucks
terminal presentations
don't support images…
10 years ago
this text will not be displayed, since the @ at the start of the first line
makes this paragraph an image slide.
easy to use
depends on
♽ Xlib
☢ Xft
☃ farbfeld
~1000 lines of code
$ sent FILE1 [FILE2 …]
▸ one slide per paragraph
▸ lines starting with # are ignored
▸ image slide: paragraph containing @FILENAME
▸ empty slide: just use a \ as a paragraph
9 years ago
# This is a comment and will not be part of the presentation
# multiple empty lines between paragraphs are also ignored
# The following lines should produce
# one empty slide
\#This line as well
⇒ Prepend a backslash to kill behaviour of special characters
Images are handled in the
format internally.
sent also supports transparent images.
Try changing the background in config.h
and rebuild.